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Dress for Success
Saw this interesting article online "Dress for success" which I find it meaningful especially for the fresh grads who are dealing with the transition period from school life to the working society. Having been there and done that, I find it a struggle to change my wardrobe of shorts & tanks to something professional yet comfortable to last me through the 8 hours (or more) in office.

The most convenient kind of work wear for me is definitely a piece of gorgeous dress! Think, waking up in the morning when you actually hunger for more sleep than spending time in your wardrobe searching for a matching blouse with high-waist skirts/pants. My vote is of course one piece of dress that save the hassle and in turn sleep in for another 15 minutes or so, what say you? Your vote? :)

Read on...

"Whether you've landed your first office job or you’re just at a point in your career where you want to rethink the impressions you make on coworkers, dressing for success is not a cliche. It’s a necessity.


It's an old piece of advice but it's still around because it works. If you have an entry-level position and hope to climb the company ladder, don't dress like an entry-level employee. Stand out and show your goals: dress like your boss's boss dresses.


Don't be afraid to splurge. These are investments in your long-term career goals. Your employers see you as a reflection of the company, and of themselves. You want to be perceived professionally. Don't be afraid to purchase good pieces that you will wear over and over for a long time.

For the ladies things aren't always as cut and dry. Your best tip for starting out is to take a good look at the women in your office. I mean, the highest executives. Women can be much more competitive about dressing then men in the office. You’re goal is to dress to impress and fit in, not to shock or out-do."

We have actually long passed the century where shirt & pants are only allowed in the office attire. Walk down the road of Raffles Places & Tanjong Pagar, all you can see is our beautifully dressed office ladies donned in their best dress full of style and color, even in sleeveless dress as well with a smart blazer on their hand in any case for the last minute meeting with the management :)

Having quote that, here where we bring you to our latest collection "Dress Galore"

Monochrome Flower Dress
Go classy in this gorgeous piece in contrast tones. Love the petal prints over solid end hem, don on this shift dress, for your corporate attire or a weekends brunch or dates! The monochrome flower design makes the entire dress look so classy! Rucacia’s pick of the collection.

Material: Polyester Chiffon, Quality Fabric, Non sheer
Features: Monochrome flowers design, Concealed back zipper.

Flower white2-horz

Forever 21 Zip Waist Dress
Aesthetically beautiful, this Forever 21 Inspired dress is sleeveless, designed with elegant geometric prints, and features a sexy zip waist. It's a great desk to dinner outfit and doesn't require many accessories to look fabulous. Perfect for work. Comes in Grey and White! Go for white if you are on the bolder side, if not Grey is a safe color :)

Material: Satin Polyester Blend, Quality Fabric, Non sheer, Fully Lined
Features: Geometric print, Zip waist design, Skater dress bottom, Concealed back zipper.


Olivia Floral Skater Dress
A skater dress has become a wardrobe essential, whether you’re shopping for a day dress or a going out dress, the skater style is perfect for either and is a flattering shape. This stunning grey floral skater is an easy way to dress up with killer heels and clutch bag or casual with flats or sandals. Perfect it with a belt.

Material: Cotton Polyester Blend, Quality Fabric, Non sheer
Features: Grey floral design, Scoop back fit and flare dress, Gathered pleats at the waist.


Luxe label, Rucacia proudly present Acacia Floral Printed Dress
The perfect day dress for garden parties and summer seasons comes in the form of this fun and flirty floral design by Rucacia. Luxe label for modern apparel and accessories makes this piece a wise choice for your warm-weather wardrobe. Alongside braided, strappy flats and a straw sunhat, this ensemble helps you make your patio the perfect place to be!

Offering a luxurious range of dresses, this is the premium piece in this collection! We focus on the quality fabrics and perfect cut styles; providing the essence of current trends whilst maintaining a practical edge.

Comes in sizes ranging from XS-L, Acacia brings beauty to every woman out there :) You pay for what you get, Rucacia assured quality for this elegant piece

Material: Cotton Polyester Blend, Quality Fabric, Non sheer, Fully Lined
Features: Floral prints, Pleated dress bottom, Scoop neck, Concealed back zipper.


Last but not least, an outfit for dressed down Fridays! :)

Geometric Print Shift Dress
Bored with little black dresses? Liven up your wardrobe by giving bold geometric prints a go. Pair up this printed dresses with an edgy alternative to the ubiquitous floral sundress—with strappy sandals and understated accessories for a simple summer look. The dress works just as well for daytime. Just remember: a patterned dress makes a serious splash, so keep accessories to a minimum, stick to black or nude shoes, and choose a solid-colored clutch. Step out and make a statement!

Material: Cotton Polyester Jersey, Quality Fabric, Non sheer
Features: Geometric print design, Concealed back zipper.

Aztec Cut-out Skater Dress
Ladies, let’s do a double take in this Aztec printed dress with waist cut-out and a skater dress bottom. This is definitely a perfect pair with minimal accessories and platforms! Who needs accessories with all the Aztec prints all around? It’s already enough to enhance the entire outfit :)

Material: Cotton Polyester Blend, Quality Fabric, Non sheer
Features: Aztec printed design, Waist cut-out, Skater dress bottom, Concealed back zipper.
Thank you for reading :)

Ru Ping

Maritime Experiential Museum
After a few bad Haze days, am glad that Singapore has returned back to it's clear blue skies :)

Last Friday, to escape from the Haze, we can't do outdoor activity and so we went to Maritime Experiential Museum at Sentosa! :)

"An innovative, interactive and multi-sensorial museum, The Maritime Experiential Museum is the only museum in Singapore where visitors can experience Asia’s rich maritime history and discover Singapore’s past as a trading port. This trip back in time begins along the ancient Maritime Silk Route, which recreates the sights, sounds and scents of the bustling bazaars and where you can interact with the exhibits. See a fascinating trove of precious artefacts from the Bakau shipwreck and Temasek archaeological site that can be found at the Maritime Archaeology Gallery. View life-sized ship replicas of Asian sailing vessels from the docks at the Historic Ship Harbour, and learn more about Asia’s maritime and cultural heritage through the museum’s education programmes. This unforgettable visit ends on a nail-biting note in the 360º multimedia Typhoon Theatre where visitors ‘board’ a sailing ship and encounter a perilous storm. The most amazing voyage of discovery awaits at The Maritime Experiential Museum." - http://www.rwsentosa.com


A very fun trip amidst the busy schedule, it feels like I'm going back to the Primary school days when the school brought us to excursion at The Underwater World (if anyone could still remember heh!)

Summer Flight
Heads up! We have launched the Summer Flight, and we believe all ladies out there has reach the destination safe and sound! :)

The Rucacia Team thanks everyone for the support for this collection :)

We decided to be different this time and compiles with a teen bit of Korean fashion after all the hyped about the running man heh.

So now, what is the trend in Korea 2013 and how then do we define best? Well, personally we feel that Korean fashion exudes charm in every woman and Korean woman seems to dress impeccably with ease. Who does not want to look good having invested in a wardrobe (or maybe more than one) full of clothing, accessories and shoes?

Monochromatic Colors
A blazing spectrum of colors hit the Spring Summer 2013 runways, From warm hues of orange, red, yellow and pink to cool, serene hues of the ocean ranging from green, cobalt, turquoise, azure to cerulean, these color wonderful shades lit up the outfits in vibrant flashes. Worn as a column of solid colors, this trend promises to brighten up your wardrobe and moods.


A white summer dress can be the perfect accessory to lazy days in the park or lunch with your girlfriends. Team a flowy white dress with bursts of color like chunky bangles or a bright handbag. Wedges will complete your summer look. Look for layered whites that have lace cut-outs or intricate embroidery. The finer details are sure to give you a sophisticated and elegant edge. 2013 is a big year for fashion, with the leniency to experiment towards bolder patterns and futuristic designs. It is all about big personality and in-your-face style. Look out for these big fashion trends this summer and find something that screams you. Make sure you spend your spring and summer in style.

Axelle 1

Paddle Pop
Paddle pop designs are the hit right now! Reminiscing the old times paddle pop ice cream! Now we have paddle pop dress in trend! This is the hottest item in the collection of "Summer Flight", we have restocked now due to popular demands! Do grab yours now before it's gone again :)

After the fashion introduction,
let the team of Rucacia brings you round the trip to Seoul! :)
For those who are planning to go Korea, do feel free to email us about itinerary!


Yasan Farm (Agroland)
Rise and shine to Yasan Farm (Agroland) for farm activities. - Calf feeding, Cow Milking, handmade and taste Korean Ice Cream!

The HUGE cow, it's not that easy milking it, need technique! Haa, we tried alot of times for the milk to come out, aww poor cow!

The Korean handmade ice cream too!


Our lunch for the day! The Ginseng Chicken Soup with Ginseng Wine (Samgetang) is heavenly yummy!! Nosebleed with so many ginseng!

Then to LotteWorld Adventure Park! The live entertainment, thrilling rides in both indoor and outdoor themeparks is simply AWESOME!
Off to Namsan Park located in the centre of Seoul. It's a filing site for "Boys Over Flowers". There's this observation deck which house a FULL LOCKS of lockers and hearts where lovers fill up their name on it and they lock their name and throw the keys away. You know this scene where we can only get to see it on those korean/taiwan dramas but from far it looks like some whole junk of rubbish chunk! (Look at the photos and you know what i mean haha!)



Shop all the way from Myongdong to Namedaemun to Dongdaemun!

Last but not least, how can we missed out Korea Traditional Costume (Hanbok)

It's your's truly in Hanbok! ;)

Hope you ladies enjoy yourself reading this blogpost!

Have a relaxed Sunday & Happy father's day! :)

(credits to desiblitz and libertystyle)

Ru Ping

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Hello Ladies!

We’re finally launching a brand new collection after such a long hiatus!
We have refurnished into a brand new name and evolved into the era of dot com, aim to provide customer with a fuss free online shopping experience, where everything is automated. This could improve the overall efficiency of your shopping experience with us! :)

Rucacia, pronounced as “Ru-kay-shuh” is derived from the name of a flower, Acacia, which symbolizes elegance, love and beauty. The “A” was replaced with “Ru” as Ru is the initial of its brainchild, Ru Ping.

Say hello to our new model, Vivien! She is a UK6/8, standing at 165cm tall. She fitted in so well in all our clothes and it's our pleasure to have her with us :)

Do hop on to our new platform now at www.rucacia.com.

Follow us to get the latest updates at our social media,

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rucacia
Twitter - https://twitter.com/rucacia
Formspring - http://formspring.me/rucacia
Instagram - http://instagram.com/rucacia

Spread the word and stand a chance for you to win an outfit for our new collection!
Here is what you need to do!

1) LIKE our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rucacia.
2) LIKE and SHARE the album, The Spring Issue. Leave a comment, "I ♥ www.rucacia.com" on the album.
3) LIKE and SHARE items featured that you absolutely adore! Leave a comment, "I ♥ www.rucacia.com" on the item.

1 lucky winners will be announced on our Facebook Page and walk away with the outfit you shared :)

Contest ends 25 April 2013, 11am.


Ru Ping



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Versatile & Style


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Summer Trend


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Minature Summer

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Hello ladies! =)
Backorders for Kat Batwing Oversized Blouse open! =D

I know alot of girls have asked if it's available in other colours!
Now, the good news is that backorders come in WHITE & BLACK! 

YAY! So make your orders before you miss your chance again! :) 

Backorder Closed!

Thank you for the support babes :)

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